Bows For All Occasions

How Do You Wrap a Car, a House, or That Special Something?

Everyone loves to unwrap a present, but it's difficult to wrap a large purchase. That's where Bowzz comes to the fore.
Add excitement to that thoughtful gift with a bow from Bowzz!

Remember, It's not a gift until it has a bow!

Australia Wide Delivery

Large Bows for Big Gifts

Bring Extra Wow to That Gift, Grand Opening, Event or Surprise

Whether you are drawing attention to a specific vehicle in a showroom, or adding that extra wow factor when delivering a new car, boat or bike, a bow from Bowzz is the perfect addition! We have developed a range that not only look good every time, but are easily assembled and can be delivered to your door.

Aspire House Bows

Dazzle Your Clients

Buying a new house is an exciting time for anyone. Imagine the purchaser's surprise when they arrive on settlement day to find their new home gift wrapped with an Aspire House Bow from Bowzz! In a range of colours, to compliment your logo, our Aspire House range assemble themselves with a simple pull of a ribbon.  

Custom Bows

One of a Kind Bows

Bowzz can supply a range of unique bows for your very special occasions. Store openings, ribbon cuttings or relaunches get that little extra pizazz with a custom bow from bowzz.

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