Christmas Marketing Campaign: BMW all Wrapped up for Christmas

Christmas Marketing Campaign | BMW | Large Car Bows | Bowzz

Venture into a Australian BMW dealership in the month of December and you will notice a distinctive large bow on a lot of the cars.

We are proud to be chosen again by BMW Australia as an integral part of their Christmas marketing campaign.

Often our large bows are chosen as a beautiful and elegant showroom decoration and are used by dealers to get customers excited about purchasing a car, especially as a Christmas marketing campaign.

Bowzz car bows are offered when customers want to make a special presentation of a car for a holiday present, birthday gift, graduation or anniversary. This is an extremely cost effective way to gift wrap a car and ensures customer loyalty for car dealers.

Car dealers have found that when they add a Regal King size bow from Bowzz to any car sale it becomes a gift to remember especially at this festive time of year.

Car dealers collectively agree adding an unexpected giant bow is the perfect way to create satisfied customers!
For those buyers who give – and for those who receive – a new car with a Bowzz Bow, the present will create a shared and lasting memory –
and with a bow it is more likely to end up on social media!
Which means more people see it!

December is a busy month for car dealerships, historically the biggest month for auto sales. Some consumers wish to take advantage of deals on the remainder of the year's inventory. Others want to buy or lease the newest models, while some are considering giving a car as a gift.

With highly polished cars, shiny blue bows, a new and exciting accessories and lifestyle product range it is safe to say BMW has Christmas all wrapped up!

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