BBQ Gift bow

With the likes Masterchef, My Kitchen Rules, and Iron Chef dominating Australia television viewing, and  a whole channel dedicated to food on our Australian Television networks it is no surprise that cooking appliances have become sort after gifts.

While it might not seem on the surface to be the most romantic of gifts, we weren’t surprised recently when asked if we have a bow to gift wrap a barbeque?

Gift Wrapped With a Bow

We were able to ship one of our hugely popular bows direct to our customer and on the weekend dad came home to find a shiny new barbeque complete with shiny bow sitting in the alfresco area. … and a platter of steaks and sausages to cook for dinner!!!

That is the advantage of our bow, they look great on everything – one day they can be used on a million dollar home, the next a new jet ski.
The question is not do you need a bow?,
the question is what size do you need?
And what colour do you want?

Got an item you need a bow for and not sure which size would be suit? Contact us today and our professional bow makers can get in touch to advise on the best option.