Motorbike Bow

When Christina wanted to celebrate her boyfriends birthday she wanted to do it in style.
Not only did James receive a brand new 2018 model Yamaha YZ250 motocross bike but it came complete with a motorbike bow, balloons and Happy Birthday banner!
Oh and we got a great short video too.

Where did Christina turn to ensure James was speechless?
The bike is from the team at WBR motorcycles in Echuca, Victoria while the motorbike bow is from us here at Bowzz.

Christina went with our Aspire Lacquered bow in Red and it is perfect as a Happy Birthday Motorbike Bow. In fact it is perfect for when you are looking for any bow for a present.

James seemed pretty happy with with birthday present.

Yamaha 2018 yz250

And what does the future hold for these two....
probably alot more Spring Sunday afternoon rides.
Look out for these two....but you will have to look high!
They are the happy couple in their bolt everywear motocross apparel and kickstart industries custom signage bikes.

A note from Christina "I absolutely loved it, it was so much easier to make than I imagined and it really made the bike look so much better with that on thank you for your product!"

motorbike bow

Not saying it was the motorbike or the motorbike bow but James decided to give Christina alittle gift to of his own recently.
Congratulations team from everyone at The Star Decor Group.

motorbike bow