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Ok...we will be honest, it isn't everyday we get asked for a bow for construction equipment.

A recent request was put forward by eiengineeering. "Can you make us a BIG GREEN BOW to put on one of our latest and biggest excavator buckets?”

This high performance Excavator Rock Digging Bucket is the one of the biggest products that the company manufactures! Destined for a Gippsland mine. This bucket makes the 85 ton Komatsu machine it is attached to a serious rock digging beast!

Bow for construction machinery | Big Bow | Big Green Bow

eiengineering is a leading Australian engineering company specialises in the design and manufacture of high performance excavator buckets and attachments. Constructed from high strength steel, these attachments enable businesses to save on fuel and running costs by increasing excavator productivity. When a world leading company needed a bow for Heavy Construction Equipment where did they turn?
Why Bowzz of course!

Similar to our business eiengineering have made a commitment to make a difference to the industries they serve. They achieve this by producing products that become the industry benchmark for performance and cost-efficiency.

Bow for construction machinery | Big Bow | Big Green Bow

Whilst this recent order required all the experience and knowledge that eiengineering has gathered over the many years.  It also needed to deliver on the big levels of excitement. Afterall this thing is HUGE!
As you can see even the 45 tonne General purpose bucket is massive!

That is where Bowzz and a Regal King Bow is perfect.
Our big bow for only $155 plus freight is big impact - just like this huge excavator bucket.
Unlike this bucket which was custom made and took months to produce. Our King size bow is a stock item and can be shipped within 24 hours of your order.
So the biggest issue you have is what colour to choose?

“Thank you so much to Ros and the team for turning around this HUGE bow so quickly and efficiently. I literally gave them a few hours notice and they were so accommodating. I would highly recommend Bowzz and look forward to working with them again and again!”

Janet Proposch, Marketing Director, eiengineering

Bow for construction machinery | Big Bow | Big Green Bow