Big Giraffe, Big Red Bow!

Big Giraffe, Big Red Bow! | Monarto Zoo South Australia | Bowzz

Big presents require a big bows!

The team at Bowzz was lucky enough to be involved in the delivery of a very large Christmas present to Halls Gap Zoo. While our part was relatively small, the bow we supplied was big! We think it's only appropriate that such a beautiful gift is appropriately wrapped and topped off with a Big Red Bow!

How do you ship a giraffe across the country?

No, this is not a comedian's setup for a punch line from a joke, it is, in fact, a real life situation faced by the South Australian Monarto Zoo.

It took seven hours, two vets, a very tall trailer and plenty of leafy greens to move this giraffe from Monarto Zoo to Victoria. Pumika the giraffe was being transported to Halls Gap Zoo, to be part of an Australian wide zoo breeding program.

The festive green trailer, complete with red ribbon and giraffe Pumika, was a Christmas present of a different kind. Pumika, 4, who was born at Monarto, was all wrapped up and taken to Halls Gap Zoo in the Grampians.

The zoo keepers thought arriving with a large giraffe in an oversized horse float wasn’t a big enough spectacle! So, they asked the team at Bowzz to create a bow that screamed MERRY CHRISTMAS!

We used one of our Regal King Size bows for the occasion.

We were happy to help mark this celebration, after all it isn’t every day you get to get up close and personal with a travelling giraffe.

Pumika has joined his half brother Msumari at the zoo.

In the words of Mark Mills, senior zoo keeper at Monarto Zoo:

"Giraffe transfers are a big deal due to their size and their mental demeanour. Giraffes can be quite shy of new things in general and therefore quite hard to train for things like transport crates," he says.
"The transfer itself involves months of actual pre-transfer training for the giraffe to walk into the crate themselves and be happy in there for the transfer."