Car Dealerships Promotional Sales Event Large Bows

Mercedes Benz as a brand, is a blend of luxury, sportiness & performance known worldwide for it's luxury vehicles.
When running their recent promotional sales event they wanted  a striking display when you walked into Mercedes Benz Melbourne Airport.
They turned to Bowzz to develop some handcrafted bows to compliment their exquisite vehicles.

We didn't have to custom design anything - our Regal King Bowzz were perfect and available immediately!

Our Large Red Bows perfectly contrasted the polished to perfection white cars that sat on the freshly polished white floor tiles and the Spring Green Christmas trees dresses draped in striking silver ornaments.

Mercedes Benz Melbourne Airport uses the phrase "Every journey is first class." and we feel in this case their Christmas event was nothing but first class. If you would like to start your journey why not contact Mercedes Benz Melbourne Airport today.