Big Door Bows

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Big Door Bows are in high demand by Real Estate Agents to make the experience of buying a property one their clients remember.

There is nothing like the visual impact of being welcomed to your new home by a huge bow wrapped around your front door! – In the Agents corporate colours of course!
So if you need a bow for Real Estate then our bowzz range is perfect for you.

Clients feel special and remember the feeling (and the agent who made it happen!) for a long time and the neighbours get to see just how caring the Agent is at making the sale/purchase as amazing as possible.

Our Aspire Big Door bows are packed flat for easy transport and storage and with a two-pull string operation they are easy to assemble (we provide step by step instructions).

While our larger Queen and King Size are available for when you want to make a big impact.

With a minimum order of one and discounts for multiple unit buys we offer a great way to start a relationship with new people in the neighbourhood.