Check out this Big Red Bow for a Giant Novelty Cheque.

“Can you make a big red bow in Melbourne today?"
"How big do you need?"
"We need something for our big novelty cheque...and we need it today!"
"No worries come over and we can sort something out.”

Novelty Cheque Bow | Big Red Bow | Bow Melbourne

Lets be honest

There is something to be said about the visual impact of an oversized novelty cheque to really make a statement. Think of Happy Gilmore and his golfing tournaments prowess and his ability to collect cheques. He wouldn’t leave a tournament without receiving his oversized cheque and putting it across the back seat of his car.

While we are yet to find any where you can actually bank these cheques they remain great fun!

Simply by adding one of our Lacquered Aspire Bows or Premium Aspire Bows the cheques message gets magnified.

Do you have a message you need to stand out?
Contact us to talk about how we can add a bow to make your event special!
Oh and we don't take cheques as payment especially novelty ones!