Large Presentation Bow for Office Opening.

We received an inquiry from Yellow Brick Road in Queensland asking for a large presentation bow to highlight their new office opening in Milton.
Whilst we love our customers they could understand when we said it wasn’t economically feasible for us to fly up and build a custom bow for them to use. With a few quick photos taken on a mobile phone, we both agreed (and we are certain you will too!) that one of our Lacquered Aspire bows worked perfectly. Combined with the additional wrap ribbon we provide with every Aspire bow if the team at Yellow Brick Road Milton ever want a job installing bows they have our tick of approval. We love how they kept the main door accessible and utilized the bow to provide full impact!

Large Presentation Bow | Office Bow | Office Opening Bow | Queensland

Priced favourably this is a great way to highlight a significant milestone for any office opening, sale or celebration, and draw interest from each and every person who travels by.
Even a large red presentation bow to show the Christmas spirit, a pink ribbon in October for women's cancer month, a white ribbon for domestic violence, whatever you wish to highlight our Aspire bow range could be perfect for your office.

So if you are looking for a large presentation bow contact us today!

If you are looking for some financial advice why not call the team at Yellow Brick Road Milton and speak to Suzy MacDonald,  or contact them through their facebook page.

Thanks to Suzy and her team for letting Bowzz be part of your special day!