What did Cars24 do when they wanted to launch in Australia?

Big bow for car

Driving Attention: Cars24 Redefines Marketing in Australia with Big Orange Bows! Back in 2020 the revving and engines and calls to fasten your seat belts were made because the automotive landscape in Australia had just got a whole lot more exciting! Imagine a world where buying a car is not just a transaction, but an…

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Roxy Jacenko buys daughter, 9, $270,000 car as toy business booms

Roxy Jacenko has splashed out on a luxury car complete with a large purple bow for her daughter Pixie, who at nine-years-old, isn’t even old enough to drive it yet. Pixie Curtis has hit one of life’s highest milestones at the tender age of nine. The daughter of PR maven Roxy Jacenko has a brand…

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